Rubí: A DACA Dreamer in Trump’s America

On June 15, 2012, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced that some undocumented Americans brought to the United States as children would be able request consideration for deferred action on deportation. In September 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced an end to the DACA program.

“Rubí: A DACA Dreamer in Trump’s America” tells the story of how the Trump presidency’s anti-immigrant stance has imperiled the lives and aspirations of more than 800,000 young adults now registered under DACA. Through revealing interviews, 22-year old Rubi and her parents recount their family’s harrowing journey to the United States and their subsequent struggles to survive and succeed. Rubí graduates from college and begins a promising career — just as DACA is rescinded.

The film ultimately documents the nation’s most recent resurgence of anti-immigration bigotry and violence through Rubí’s experiences and the costs associated with failed immigration policies and how we all lose when people become exchangeable commodities in the age of Globalism.

This film is currently in rough-cut stage (“draft”) and we need additional funding to complete this timely documentary. We seek an executive producer and/or finishing funds urgently. Our goal is to have this documentary distributed and broadcast nationally, online, and screened at film festivals.

Rubi: A DACA Dreamer in Trump's America from Carolyn Brown on Vimeo


Executive Producer & Co-Writer: Lázaro Lima, University of Richmond
Producer, Director, Co-Writer & Editor: Carolyn Brown, University of North Texas
Co-Producer, Editor: Marty Johnson, Independent Filmmaker
Director of Photography: Leena Jayaswal, American University
Music: Paul Oehlers, American University