WMAL Washington, DC

Latino Community Responds to Donald Trump’s Firing

Los Angeles Times

Review of The Salinas Project

Aljaazeera America

Immigration Protest Movement Gains New Impetus
Published on July 31, 2014

Washington Post PostTV

The human costs of a more secure border
PostTV On Background
Published August 13, 2013

CCTV America

CCTV Interview
Published April 24, 2013

NBC Latino

Documentary Honors Journey of Child Field Worker Turned TV Reporter
By Kristina Puga. Published October 3, 2012.

Fox News Latino

‘From the Fields’ Recalls Life of Local TV Reporter Damian Trujillo
By Stephanie Nolasco. Published October 3, 2012.

Monterey County Herald

Greenfield’s Damian Trujillo Featured in ‘From the Fields’
By Marcos Cabrera. Published October 11, 2012.

ABC News

New Mexico Gov. Says Grandparents Immigrated Illegally, Backs Controversial Driver’s License Bill
By Michael Ono. Published September 14, 2012.

Cronkite News Service

Napolitano Confident More Suspected Criminals will be Deported this Year
By Uriel J. Garcia. Published October 6, 2011.

Tucson Weekly

Bloody Aftermath: Following the Brutal Arivaca Killings, Anti-Immigrant Groups Struggle to Change the Topic
By Tim Vanderpool. Published August 25, 2011.

Financial Times

America: Vanquished by Vitriol
By Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson and David Gelles. Published January 11, 2011.

CNN En Español – Al Día

Los Minutemen: el Grupo que Quería Controlar la Frontera
(Video) Aired June 21, 2010.

CBS Evening News

FBI Stops Imminent Threat
(Video) Aired March 30, 2010.

NPR – Diane Rehm Show

The Rise of Militias and Hate Groups in the US
(Audio) Aired March 31, 2010.

KGO Radio

Detroit News

Experts Cite Resurgence of Radical Militias
By Paul Egan and Doug Guthrie

NPR/KNAU – Arizona Public Radio Interview

Flagstaff Filmmaker Documents Minutemen
(Audio) By Laurel Morales. Aired October 26, 2007.